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Helen Beebee

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might go about getting rough costings (for the purposes of a UK grant application) for BSL/ASL sign language interpreters? I could pick an interpreter off the web, but I'm guessing some specialised philosophy familiarity might be required, given the number of long and unfamiliar words that get used in the average philosophy (in this case mostly metaphysics) talk. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Also any other suggestions for stuff we should have in place for project conferences/workshops. I think I have access nailed down, thanks to a helpful blog post somewhere of Shelley Tremain's from a little while ago (if I can ever find it again) and a good level of buy-in from my university.


Shelley Tremain

Helen, I'm glad that something I've written has helped you! I think that event organizers should provide sign language; however, the provision of sign language does not make an event accessible to all deaf people. This is a misconception. Many deaf people and late-deafened people do not use sign language. The best option for an academic context is to provide CART, that is, real-time captioning. CART also makes oral presentations accessible to some learning disabled people, among others. Captioners work like court stenographers, but are much faster (good ones, that is). Most captioners will ask to look at materials in advance if there will be uncommon words and phrases in a presentation, especially an academic presentation. I did a quick google search to find a CART service in the UK, but didn't find one. If you take a better look than I did, you should locate some there. Hourly rates will likely be made available on a given service's website. You asked for suggestions in addition to information about sign language. Have you taken a look at my article "Introducing Feminist Philosophy of Disability"? I offer numerous directions for accessibility in that article. You can read it on my page or follow the link Feminist Philosophy of Disability in the side-bar on the left of your screen.

Dale Vernor

My name is Dale I came across your website today and wanted to see if you were interested in adding an infographic that I created. I think it would go well with the article on the war on drugs.

This could make your article more shareable across social media platforms, which could bring more traffic to your website. This would also benefit me as well. Let me know if you are interested and I can send it over for you check out.

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