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V. Alan White

Shelley--thanks for this. Is it the case that some of these listings are by-products of ill-conceived requirements that (i) discriminate often for no good reason anyway and (ii) are applied by policy to all job postings in an institution irrespective of the position? Lifting requirements may be posted for UPS jobs but for a French professor? That's just ridiculous.

Shelley Tremain

here's a "Working Conditions" stipulated for the First Year Writing course at Texas at Arlington:

Working Conditions: May work around standard office conditions. Repetitive use of a keyboard at a workstation. Use of manual dexterity. Climbing of stairs. Climbing of ladders. Lifting and moving. Criminal background check conducted.

Now, it seems to me that it can't be the case that this set of conditions is applied for ALL positions in the university. For instance, the conditions don't mention anything about operating machinery that would be required for landscaping. Nor do they stipulate anything about having a license to operate a motor vehicle which would be required for delivery and other positions at the university.

Notice, furthermore, that the phrase "repetitive use of a keyboard" doesn't stipulate only what job must be done, but HOW it must be done. In other words, an applicant must use their hands to type information into a computer, rather than use voice recognition software to input information

Evelyn Wangari

Thanks for sharing this.

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