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Julie Van Camp

Please be sure to also read the response from the ASA Officers (all four of which happen to be female):

We have read with great interest, but also considerable dismay, the posts on the AFB blog by Anne Eaton and Paul Taylor about the status of the ASA on its 75th anniversary. As Anne notes, the sexual harassment situation that she mentions was brought to the attention of ASA governance, and we are pleased that it was dealt with immediately by ASA officers. The ASA is trying to become a more diverse society, and we appreciate that both posts acknowledge the organization’s efforts in this direction. The posts draw our attention, however, to how much room for improvement remains. We very much regret that some members’ behavior and remarks at the recent meeting were off-putting and insulting to newcomers, in ways that have been helpfully explained by both commentators. These posts importantly encourage reflection on the many obstacles we must confront if we are to make the society more welcoming and inclusive. We invite suggestions for better ways of achieving this goal.

Kathleen Higgins, President
Cynthia Freeland, Past President
Susan Feagin, Vice-President
Julie Van Camp, Secretary-Treasurer


Hi Julie,
Thanks for directing our readers and listeners to the response from the ASA Officers. I saw the response on the AFB blog last evening and intended to update the post today to note it.

As you will notice, I posted about the ASA's Irene H. Chayes New Voices Award. Over the last few years, the ASA has introduced a number of great measures to increase the heterogeneity of its membership and conferences. As Anne notes in her post on AFB, there are a number of issues to address, including the lack of attention paid to disability. Over the past couple of days especially, I have been trying to think of ways that I could become involved with the ASA, bring my work in philosophy of disability to it, etc. I will continue to ponder this matter.

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