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Great ideas! I would only note two things:
a) point 6 ("Subtract 1 point for every author from your own department") clearly shows that this is, again, being written with scholars from the North in mind. If your Department is not in the North, quoting people from your own Department or country may be a plus. There's sure to be an alternative to rephrase this!
b) Latinx studies departments are still located in the North, since "Latinx" is a North American concept. Including scholarship from Latinx studies is often quoted as an inclusive move, but it's actually quite limited in geographical terms, since we're still talking in and about the U.S. (albeit about a relatively less privileged population within that context, of course).

Axel Arturo Barceló Aspeitia

Thank you do much for your comments Moira!

(a) Yeah, I battled a lot about whether this applies only to certain departments or not. In the end, I preferred applying it t across the board, but reduce its value to only one point.
This whole second section on one point elements was very much in response to this sort of concerns:

[Disclaimer, I appear in at least one of Chalmer's photos, and have had drinks with him on several occasions]

(b) I completely agree and that is why I added "contact with philosophers from the Hispanic world" which, you are completely right, might contribute more to inclusivity that including scholarship from Latinx studies in the USA.

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