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Very well said, sir. And congratulations on your World Series triumph.

Robert: remind me again which countries play in the World Series?

Neil, it's Toronto and the United States. The used to let a French country, Montreal, play, but no more. When London gets an NFL team, which I'm sure you await excitedly, they can change the Super Bowl to the World Bowl.
Come on, Tamler, we're waiting to see some good silly, misguided, and drunk posts. (I second Tamler's encouragement for non-regulars to jump into the conversation!)

I thought posting drunk was a requirement.

Yeah Neil, if only the Brisbane team were allowed in, they could have won the whole thing.

Eddy, it's mostly the Dominican Republic actually. With a lot of help from Japan. (Having Uehara as our closer lowered my blood pressure by 80 points)

Sorry for the brief delay folks, I was at a wedding this weekend, first post will be up this afternoon--the second will be up on Thursday.

I, for one, sincerely hope that Tamler live blogs NOWAR presentations after getting Sazarac'd.

I'd be careful about posting drunk. Remember the missive that got me kicked out the GFP? It was sent about 20 minutes after I'd smoked a nice joint.

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