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Where do we contribute?

What am I, chopped liver? I should have gone into law it seems!

Sorry Thomas! I was actually just about to edit the post and add you. It's that first paper you did with Eddy--I'll always instinctively think of you as a compatibilist. It's sort of like how Ricky Schroder could never fully shed his Silver Spoons association even after he changed his name to "Rick Shroder."


Unfortunately, I can't blame you for the fact that coffee came out of my nose when I read your comment. Gold, Tamler, Gold! As for the stain of compatibilism left on me by Eddy, well, I guess I do blame him for that--however inconsistent!

Believe it or not, this will go great with a blog I'm composing for next month! Thanks Tamler!

(I take it that this billboard isn't in Idaho, Montana, Utah, or Kansas!)

Pretty cool.

Ha, nice! Now I am imagining a consequentialist prosecutor billboard: "Just because you didn't do it, doesn't mean you're innocent"

Thomas, Gregg, Derk, Galen and I are always happy to welcome any lost sheep back into our very small fold.

Of course we semicompatibilists can (and do) embrace the contention that simply acting doesn't imply either blameworthiness or even moral responsibility!

Sorry to rain on the parade!

Also, my wife contends that one should never trust a guy who wears a bow tie...

Nice play, Ryan!

I must say, I do love Larry's bow-tie.

Thomas, it seems that Tamler noticed that leaving you out was an oversight. But *even primed like that* he forgot me. No one remembers me. Poor me. I think I will cry now.

Tamler, you now face a choice: feel guilty over what you've done, or rejoin the team.

Neil, Would never leave you out of our nefarious group: HARD LUCK is one of the gospels of the faith. But I thought your most recent consciousness book was leaving a very small space for moral responsibility -- not that one must be absolutely pure of heart to be in the group. But while we're adding to our list, we should certainly include Tom Clark as well.

Thanks Bruce, but a thorough background check would show I've dallied with naturalizing desert, so am somewhat suspect. Still, I'm honored!

I remain pure, Bruce. The view defended in the recent book is about a necessary condition of MR. There are no sufficient conditions.

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