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Thank YOU, Josh. It was a really excellent set of topics and discussions!

Concur. Thanks!

Yes, Josh, thank you so much. I have learned a lot from these posts. And they have motivated me to take my current work in a direction that I had not previously anticipated. So thanks!


Ditto. Thanks so much, Josh!

You have given us a lot to think about the self and agency Joshua, and taken Flickers out of the doldrums. Thanks so much!

For once I agree with everyone! Very well thought out posts, that really energized this blog. Thank you Josh.

I agree as well.
Thank you, Joshua!

Thanks for a great series of posts, Josh! (And sorry I could not engage more, including answering your last request. I hope we can continue to figure out how to better explore these issues.)

Thanks everyone! Please do feel free to continue writing comments on the earlier posts. I would be more than happy to keep up our conversation about any of these topics

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