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I'll only comment that the overall importance of the Pygmalion effect and self-fulfilling prophecy has been contested eg Jussim et al [Adv Exp Soc Psychol 1996, 28:281-388] comment that

"Rosenthal and Jacobson seminal and controversial study [leads to an] oversimplified and exaggerated picture...research in educational settings has repeatedly shown that teacher expectations predict student achievement mainly because they are accurate...path coefficients for effects of teacher expectations on student achievement are generally about 0.1 or 0.2".

I don't think this greatly affects your overall argument, but highlights the idea that it is proper to be anxious as opposed to arrogant in some circumstances...

This is a very impressive post, and series. I just wanted to agree and emphasize that "these capacities are more ‘extended’ than classic accounts imply." I don't think this is a criticism of classic accounts, but rather an extended development of them. I take you to be showing part of what reasons-responsiveness (for example) *is*.

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