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Shen-yi Liao

It's actually not 20%. For most studies, which require more than 9 participants, Amazon will now charge a 40% fee. So it's bad, really bad.

My sense is that things are still in the WTF stage right now. People are discussing alternatives. There have always been a number of other sites, but none of them critical mass like MTurk. Commercial ones like Prolific Academic are offering discounts to try to get some researchers in: . There are also institutional ones but they are hard to access for those outside of the respective institutions. And finally there have been talks of building non-profit ones (apparently Brian Nosek wrote many grants on this) but that's a ways away.

There is a Facebook group called "WTF Amazon mturk?!" that may be worth following.

Josh May

Yikes! Thanks for the correction. I think I misunderstood the "10 assignments" clause as meaning 10 tasks per worker. But it looks like it really is number of people who perform the task. It's even worse than I thought!

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